Novexx XTP 804

Descrição do Produto

The XTP 804 is designed for high quality printing of single tags, tickets and blister cards based on the NOVEXX Solutions 64-series print module. Equipped with a high performance thermal direct/thermal transfer printer with 4’’ print width the XTP 804 is the perfect solution to meet today’s high standards of product identification with single tags.

As the XTP 804 can be used for various materials, designs, sizes and thicknesses, the application area is wide, for example in the following industries:

  • Food (e.g. product information cards)
  • Automotive (e.g. blister cards for small spare parts)
  • Electronics (e.g. blister cards for battery components, smart cards)
  • Apparel (e.g. hang tags, decorative labels, brand tags)
  • Pharma (e.g. blister cards for pills, dressing material)
  • Retail (e.g. price tickets, shelf labeling cards)


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